Ceramics Consultancy Ltd - Ceramic Cores for Investment Casting
CLAN Ceramics Consultancy Ltd not only offers Ceramic Core supply but where the Customer requests will establish a full Ceramic Core Facility "On - Site" either at the Customers Facility or at any chosen Global location - We would be pleased to quote for any of the numerous options available such as:-
  • Ceramic Core Supply:- Equiax - Directional Solidification & Single Crystal
  • Raw Materials:- Equiax - Directional Solidification & Single Crystal
  • Ceramic Core Pre - Mixed Materials ready for Injection Moulding
  • Water Leachable Ceramic Cores for Aluminium Casting
  • Raw Materials for Water Leachable Ceramic Cores for Aluminium Casting 
  • "Ready Mixed" Water Leachable Core Materials for Aluminium Casting 
  • Ceramic Core Processing Equipment
  • Ceramic Core "Turn Key" Facilities
  • Ceramic Core Process Training
  • Pouring Cups
  • Reticulated Filters
  • Crucible Liners
  • Saggers
  • Setters
  • Core Tooling
CCCLtd also offer the option to train Personnel from the UK and Overseas in all aspects
using Our Modern High Tech Process equipment at the CCCLtd Facility in the UK, this Training can include but is not limited to the following:-
  • Raw Materials Formulation
  • Raw Materials Preperation
  • Raw Materials Blending
  • Raw Material Mixing
  • Injection Moulding
  • Kiln Sintering
  • Component Inspection
  • Component Finishing
  • CNC of Ceramic components
  • Facility and/or Equipment Hire
  • Market Sales
Aerospace - TE Core                                                  Aerospace Core - Intricate Trailing Edge
IGT Complex Core Shape                                                  Typical Power Generation Core design
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