Ceramics Consultancy Ltd - Ceramic Cores for Investment Casting
Clan Ceramics Consultancy Ltd Injection Moulded Ceramic Core Process Description:-
Purpose Built High Shear Vacuum Mixer is used
Proprietary Wax Binder System is loaded into the Mixer and Melted
Ceramic Materials are then added in pre - determined stages
Total Mixing time varies from 2.5 to 4 Hours - dependant on Material Type
Materials are ready to be used in Medium Pressure Injection Moulding Machine
The Basic Process Equipment consists of the following:-
Raw Material Mixer - Production Output capability Per Mixer > £10Million Per Year
High Shear Vacuum Mixer for Ceramic Core Materials
Injection Machine - Production Output capability Per Machine > £1,750,000 Per Year
Medium Pressure Injection Moulding Machine for Ceramic Cores
Kiln - Core Output Capability per Cubic Metre typically > £1,000,000 Per year 
Advantages of the CCCLtd Process:-
Highly efficient  - user friendly process
Injection Moulding Cycle - 15 to 300 Seconds
Low Injection Moulding Pressures - 150 to 600 Psi
Low Die wear characteristics - Aluminium or Steel Dies can be used
Low Raw Material costs
Raw Material supply readily available Globally 
Kiln Firing does not require separate De Bond cycle
Kiln Firing does not require Cores to be Settered
Kiln Firing Cycle Aerospace / Automotive & Medical - 42 Hours
Kiln Firing Cycle Power Generation - 56 Hours
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