Ceramics Consultancy Ltd - Ceramic Cores for Investment Casting
CLANCeramics Consultancy Ltd has developed Injection Moulded Water Leachable Ceramic Cores for Aluminium Casting which offers:-
  • Environmental friendly leaching Process - Cold Water
  • Ceramic commences to break down within Five (5) Minutes
  • Gentle agitation of the Water improves leaching time
  • Low pressure Water can also be used to further aid leaching time
  • No additional Acidic leaching agents required for Core leaching
  • No High pressure water blast required
  • Replaces Water Soluble Waxes
  • Allows more detailed and intricate parts to be produced
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Water Soluble Core Demonstration of Solubility - 011210.wmv
Demonstration of Water Soluble Ceramic Core Leachability - this Ceramic can be used in the Casting of Aluminium up to Tempratures of 920°C Foundry Tests have shown that it can be Leached with Aggi...
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